3 TikTok Myths for Restaurant Owners to Get Over


We've interviewed dozens of restaurant owners about their relationship with social media. All the restaurants we spoke to had Instagram accounts and regarded Instagram as their main form of online marketing. However when we asked about TikTok, most restaurant owners had not created TikTok profiles for their business. When you consider that TikTok has 30.8 Million daily users and that food is one of the most popular categories on the platform, we think this is a huge opportunity being missed by many restaurants. One of the reasons that restaurant owners had not activated their TikTok presence yet was because they still believed TikTok was for kids or one of several other myths about the platform that are simply not true in 2023. Let's debunk some of these myths now once and for all.

Myth #1: TikTok is for kids

It might surprise you to know that over 40% of all TikTok users are between the ages of 30-49. While its true that 10-19 year olds make up the largest age group demographic on TikTok, it's not by much. There's an extremely high likelhood that your restaurant's target audience are on TikTok and to not be reaching them is a big opportunity missed.

Source: Backlinko

Myth #2: TikTok is just for silly dances and lip-syncing

Dances and lip-sync videos were definitely a huge trend that helped sky-rocket TikTok's popularity amongst younger audiences, but as TikTok users have matured, we have seen a much more diverse range of video styles perform extremely well on the platform. If we are to just focus on restaurants and food, we see recipe videos, staff interviews and behind the scenes video content performing extremely well alongside trending videos.

Myth #3: No one will see my videos because I have no following

TikTok's algorithm favours the potential engagement rate of your video over how many followers you have. You can have zero followers on TikTok and your very first video could reach over 1 million views if its engaging enough. We are used to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram that revolve around your follower count and encourage users to follower other accounts in order to see their content. TikTok is different. You can get results from day one, trust us - give it a go.