TikTok Growth for Restaurants


Have you ever thought that your restaurant needs to be on TikTok to keep up with social trends, but not had the time or knowledge to make it happen? We’re here to help.

We’ve launched a new TikTok Growth service for restaurant owners.

Our TikTok Growth service is there to help restaurants activate their TikTok presence and generate high engagement through strategic short form video content.

  1. Bang on trend: Our content is crafted specifically for the TikTok platform, keeping in sync with the latest trends to ensure maximum engagement. No lazy repurposing content from other platforms.
  2. We got this: Strategy, shooting, editing – we handle the whole thing. And if you're thinking, "No way am I getting on camera," I get it, we've got access to some great presenters who can step in and rep your place.
  3. Zero risk - all rewards Still on the fence? Try us for a month. If you don't see the results, we'll give your money back.

Book a call with us or drop us an email using the contact form to chat about how we can help your restaurant go viral on TikTok.