What is UGC and how it can boost your marketing


What is UGC and how it can boost your restaurant's marketing?

According to a survey done by News Limited, "54 per cent of 18–24 year olds have taken a photo of their food while eating out." This is UGC (User Generated Content). Let's talk about how your restaurant can harness the power of user generated content and turn it into a free marketing win.

So, What’s UGC Anyway?

In the simplest terms, UGC is content created by your customers. That means all those pics, videos, and shoutouts your customers give you when they dine out at your restaurant. That’s UGC.

Why’s Everyone Raving About UGC?

  • First up, it’s the best form of social proof. People trust their friends' dining experiences more than even the most polished ad.
  • It's free advertising. Every tag, every share is putting your restaurant out there organically.
  • UGC is a shortcut to bulking up your social feed. UGC can significantly add to your social feeds without you having to invest as much in content creation.

Getting Started with UGC:

  1. Nudge, Don’t Push: A little note on the menu, maybe a sign on the table, asking (not begging!) customers to share their moments and tag you.
  2. Your Very Own Hashtag: Think of something that’s got the essence of your brand. It helps keep track of all those pics and stories.
  3. Share the Love: When a customer tags you, be sure to share it on your own feed.

Go even further: Think about a monthly competition. A challenge or contest where the best food pic wins a gift voucher? This can drive really meaningful levels of engagement.

In a Nutshell

Next time that a customer in your restaurant is about to capture their plate, remember: they are doing a valuable marketing job for you. Encourage UGC, and watch the love for your restaurant multiply.