Why your Restaurant Probably Needs a Social Media Manager


As a restaurant owner, you've got a plate full of responsibilities. And while many of you are tech-savvy enough to run your own Instagram or Facebook, there's a big question lurking: should you hire a social media manager? Sure, it might seem like an extra expense with monthly charges ranging between £500 and £2000, but let's break down the real value behind it.

Professional strategy

Think of a social media manager as your restaurant’s chief marketing strategist. A social media manager will spend hours analysing social media trends and understanding what content will perform best for your restaurant and ideal customers. There's a huge difference between posting ad-hoc pictures of your dishes, and actually having a strategic plan that is implemented based on real trend data and analytics.

New trends

An amazing Instagram post might completely flop on TikTok. And that's okay because each platform has its unique vibe and audience. While many restaurat owners have mastered Facebook and Instagram, newer platforms like TikTok can be trickier. A social media manager knows how to navigate these waters, ensuring you don’t miss out on a sea of potential customers.

Its a huge time saver

Social media might look simple, but doing it well? That's an art. To genuinely harness the power of social media, you've got to show up consistently and give your content the time it deserves. Balancing this with running a restaurant can spread you too thin. Enter: your social media manager, the hero who ensures your social media posts are reaching as wide an audience as possible and encouraging new customers into your restaurant.